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Voicework, voicecoaching, voicetraining


Welcome to the site of Alex Boon, one of Holland's (city of the Hague) best known specialists in voice training.

Voice, breath, body, language, emotion, speech, person… they are all connected.
Eliciting sounds from the human body, connecting a person with its background, in perspective of communicative or performing goals to achieve.
Exploring vocal potential, building the voice with the pure pleasure of self-expression.

Alex Boon works as a voice teacher, speech pathologist and voice coach with a wide range of professionals that use speech as a part of their profession and professionals that speak profesionally( or need to do so):

- Actors, Storytellers, Voiceovers, Singers, Presenters
- Politicians, Debaters, Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, Managers, Priests, Judges, Lawyers
- Chief Officers, Executive Masters - but also Technicians, Researchers and Scientists
- Operators, Receptionists, Helpdesk Staff, Public Relation Officials



Any professional from one of the above mentioned professions can come and experience this work around 'physical voice' - whether used in (professional) speaking or in performing.
In a session of 1½ hour of individual training one can focus specifically on developing new personal vocal techniques and material.
Working in general or in concern to special goals is possible.
Just make sure to bring in your voice!


Participants will be exposed to a range of skills that will widen their vocal potential and improve the awareness and expressiveness of their voice. There is ample opportunity to practice in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

The work focuses around the physical exploration of possible sounds, experimenting, expressing, finding personal vocal techniques through resonans and physical feedback principles, physical stimulation of muscles, body structure and by movement. Listening and hearing will be used as a stimulating feedback technique, exploring the voice in space and time, working with tensions and actions, working with the chest/ribs, shoulders and backbone, head, neck and larynx.


> Voicework in the Netherlands<

If you'd like to visit the Hague and do some individual voicework, please email us at info at

Please send us your information, contending your first and last name, email adress and phone number, your full address, profession and number + names of participants. Further, mention the date of your arrival and departure. We will contact you for an appointment..

Of course, and if you like: please send an email in case of any questions or if you wish to be informed personally.


Location (both individual training and workshops): Rond Je Stem, Deventersestraat 21, 2587 SX the Hague / the Netherlands (please find pictures here and routedescription here)

No special things needed: Just bring yourself and don't reassure yourself of having your voice with you.

> Voicework abroad<

In August 2017 Alex will contribute to the PEVoC(12) in Ghent, Belgium with both a poster presentation and a workshop.
In October 2016 Alex contributed to the XXVI Pacific Voice Conference in Warsaw/Lublin, Poland.
In August 2015 Alex attended the PEVoC(11) in Florence and the XXIII Pacific Voice Conference & VI World Voice Consortium Congress in San Fransisco He also contributed to the Workshop-program of both conferences.
Before, for the occasion of the British Voice Association's Conference "Choice for Voice" in 2010, Alex came over to London to work (mostly with singers) around his approach of "the fysical voice"
He also contributed to earlier Pan European Voice Conferences (PEVoC) in 2007 and 2009 with three workshops.

People travelling around and to Europe are invited to visit Alex's workshop for a work with the voice.

If you'd like to explore the possibility of inviting Alex to come over to your country and do a voiceworkshop or give lessons, please email us or contact us through +31703060840. Always glad to meet you!


Rond Je Stem (Around Your Voice) is initiated by Alex Boon,
speech pathologist, voice teacher, voice coach, voice and speech trainer.
Alex Boon has a strong yet subtle, physical way of working with the human voice.
View Alex's LinkedIn profile (English):

View Alex Boon's profile on LinkedIn

Correspondency address and general information:
Hulshorststraat 224
2573 ES The Hague
the Netherlands
Tel: 0031(0)703060840
Email: info at

K. v. K. nr. 09160069 (Dutch Chambers of Commerce)


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