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Voicework, voicecoaching, voicetraining - new website: Alex Boon


Please visit the new website of Alex Boon, one of Holland's (city of the Hague) best known specialists in voice training.

Alex Boon works as a voice teacher, speech pathologist and voice coach with a wide range of professionals that use speech as a part of their profession and professionals that speak profesionally (or need to do so):

- Actors, Storytellers, Voiceovers, Singers, Presenters
- Politicians, Debaters, Teachers, Trainers, Coaches, Managers, Priests, Judges, Lawyers
- Chief Officers, Executive Masters - but also Technicians, Researchers and Scientists
- Operators, Receptionists, Helpdesk Staff, Public Relation Officials


View Alex's LinkedIn profile (English):

View Alex Boon's profile on LinkedIn


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